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The Gotta-Scrap Inn

My name is Amy Kozlowski, owner and Innkeeper of Gotta-Scrap Inn. For as long as I can remember, my passion in life is to create things: whether it's scrapbooks, cards, jewelry, flea market finds into treasure, or just creating friendships. At an early age, my parents encouraged my creative side by allowing me to decorate my own bedroom several times; including the painting! They were very brave to do this as my first room was the ugliest color of hot pink walls, complete with lime green trim. Looking back I can't believe they let me do that and continue to encourage me throughout. They continued to allow me to decorate the rest of the house, and created a craft room for me in the basement. While having a room dedicated to making crafts, I developed a passion for working with my hands and designing many different creations to make people smile. Although I love to paint and make trash into treasure (as you will see scattered throughout the Inn) my passion is truly to entertain people. I just love to see people relax, smile and enjoy life.



Featured In:

"Take a Hobby Holiday"
Better Home & Gardens - Oct 2006

"Scrapbooking Paradise"
Detroit Free Press - January 2007